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DSC_5447-1.jpgThe way a woman styles her hair can speak a lot of her personality even if she is all hush-hush and naturally shy. A damsel in a simple coy dress may unknowingly give away hints about her true self through her pixie cut. There are plenty of hairstyles that women can try, but only a few are regarded as the best among all. Let’s take a revealing peek into the hidden secrets of those styles:March4.Taylor.jpgLong & Straight :
Long and straight hair depicts a fuss free style and also youthfulness. It is considered perfect for females having thin and long faces. When paired with a neat and pretty dress, it can impart a gorgeous and attractive look. Women who sport this cut are generally considered to be ‘low maintenance’ – it means that they are comfortable everywhere, be it a five star restaurant or a roadside stall.

Pixie Cut :
This style has a daring and bold aura about it. Not everyone can carry it off properly. The pixie is meant for women who are confident about themselves and have a self-assured, world-dazzling kind of attitude. It works really well with small and oval faces.

Wavy :
A wavy hairstyle is really pretty, but can be extremely tough to maintain in the long run. It necessitates regular deep conditioning as well as shampooing. However, its long tresses impart a very chic and feminine appearance to women, though it only looks good on a slim face with a wide forehead. Those who sport wavy hair often have an impeccable sense of fashion and do not hesitate to go the extra mile for looking gorgeous.

Bangs :
These are famous for being really saucy and flirtatious. But women with bangs covering their forehead often possess a strong personality complemented by a feminine side. Bangs usually suit girls with a broad forehead.

Bob Cut :
Bob is well-suited for those who are very focused, powerful and elegant. Such women don’t talk nonsense and exude power with their personal style. The haircut is quite simple and does not require any styling. Its sharp curves blends seamlessly with a round face, imparting a dramatic effect to it.

So if you have been planning to get a new hairstyle, now you can determine which one would suit you the best by taking the shape of your face into account. Go ahead and define your style with your hair.